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Just $1 a Day Feeds a Needy Child and His/Her Entire Family

Make a difference - Sponsor a disadvantaged child today and receive 3 of Enoch's music CDs


To have your credit card billed monthly, please click on the "subscribe" button below

To receive Enoch's CDs, please fill out the form below and we will mail you a picture history

of your own little child.

Yes! I would like to sponsor a child.  Please send me a picture history with my child's information.

It only takes a caring heart and a few pennies a day. By sponsoring a child for just $35 a month, you can

make a difference in the life of a child and change their "hopeless" situation into a "hopeful" one

1.  New projects at "Haven of Hope" see projects page

2.  Free Clinic

3.  Daycare center for single parents

4.  Home for retired pastors and evangelists

5.  Church renovation on orphanage property

6.  Media ministries  - TV/ Radio/Internet

7.  Mass Crusades

8.  Sponsor pastor's salary

9.  Child Sponsorship program

10. Literature ministries

11. Christmas gifts to sponsored children

12. Children's medical needs

13. Children's Clothing

Please click on subscribe to renew your monthly sponsorship- please enter your child's id number in the description box 

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