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Children's Haven of Hope

Our Children's Haven of Hope Orphanage was started by Dr., Rev. Manuel and Lilian Fernando in 1967 in the small village of Elumiyan Kottur located one hour outside of Chennai  (Madras).  For more than forty years, hundreds of children were housed here receiving a safe home,   food, an education, and importantly, sound Biblical teaching.

The new vision for this 8 1/2 acre property includes a cricket field for community use, a beautiful park with winding paths lined with local foliage, a prayer garden filled with spices such as  cinnamon, clove, ginger and cardamom. The spices along with a mango and coconut grove will provide a   source of income and shade.      


Plans include a safe haven for victims of human trafficking. Future plans include a  solar farm to provide self sufficient electricity, A free Clinic,  a rescue center for children caught up in Child labor and  accommodations for a beautiful Christian retreat center.


 We need your help to make this vision a reality. Please click on the next tab,  "New Project" to see how you can help make this vision a reality.

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