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What is Christ for India?

Christ for India is an Inter-denominational, non-profit Christian organization founded in 1962 by Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Manuel Fernando. Christ for India is determined to reach the multitudes with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The members of the Board of Directors are dedicated to fulfilling the Lord’s command to “work while it is day.” Christ for India has a consuming passion to spread the Gospel to men and women in the remotest parts of India through orphanages, child sponsorship programs, churches, mass crusades, Bible distribution, multimedia and gospel literature.  One pastor described this ministry as having the greatest missionary impact in India over the last 100 years.

Where is Christ for India located? 

Christ for India's  International Headquarters in the U.S.A. are located in the State of California in the community of Lake Forest, situated in Southern Orange County.


The National Headquarters are located at the city of Chennai (Madras), located in the State of Tamilnadu in Southern India. 

Christ for India-President

Enoch Fernando was born in Chennai, (Madras), in Southern India.  Enoch has appeared in thousands of concerts worldwide. In the year, 2000, Enoch's CD, "Hymns from the Heart" was considered for two Grammy nominations. The evangelical and humanitarian work of Christ for India has always been the driving force behind his music. To learn more about his music, we invite you to visit:

Christ for India-Administrator

Kathy has been with Christ for India since 2004. She diligently manages sponsor donations and correspondence for Christ for India's Child Sponsorship Program.


She has traveled to India with Christ for India teams and has a strong sense of the needs of the children there. She understands the challenges they face.


Kathy is a dedicated worker for the cause of children. She diligently administrates the sponsor program here in the U.S. and is happy to answer any questions regarding Christ for India's  Child Sponsorship Program.



Dr. Rev. Manuel Fernando

Enoch Fernando

Rebekah Fernando

Kathy Adrean

Ron and Joanie Krasneck

Ron and Joanie Krasneck are on the advisory board of Christ For India. Ron is lovingly referred to as "Grandpa" by the children and pastors of India. Ron visited India and shared his testimony. At  the end of Ron's sharing, he taught the children to raise their arms and shout "PRAISE THE LORD! PRAISE THE LORD! PRAISE THE LORD!" Grandpa Ron and Joanie are members of FFWBC, in  Hayesville, NC.

Scott Dee

Who founded Christ for India?

Dr. Rev. Manuel Fernando was born in the seaside city of Tuticorin.  This town is situated in  the southern portion of the State of Tamil Nadu, located in southern  India. In the 1960's his wife, Lilian, purchased some peanuts wrapped in newspaper on the streets of India. When they finished eating the peanuts, they discovered the peanut wrapper was made from a Christian Newspaper written by Loraine B. Berry, called "Healing Hope". They wrote to Mrs. Berry about their desire to start a Christian work in India. Because of her help, Pastor Fernando (as he prefers to be called) came to the U.S., received a Doctorate of Divinity Degree from Southern California College in Calfornia and returned to India.  During the late 1960's, '70's, '80's and '90's Pastor Fernando conducted mass crusades throughout Southern India; and became known endearingly as the "Billy Graham” of India. Through his work, millions have heard the good news of the Gospel and many thousands have been saved. Over forty years later, many still remember with fondness how God greatly moved in his crusades.  


Land was purchased, and churches were planted. One piece of land in Elumiyan Kottur, located outside the city of Chennai, (Madras) was dedicated 1967 and became the childrens' "Haven of Hope" orphanage. Over the years, hundreds of children called this home. 


Christian Family Fellowship International was also founded by Pastor Fernando.  This church, under the umbrella of CFI is pastored by his son, Pastor Steve Fernando. Regular church services are conducted in Lake Forest, California, serving the community with a worship team, womens' Bible study, prayer meetings, and ministry visitation at a local convalescent care facility.  


As the ministry Overseer, Pastor Fernando, still takes an active interest in everything pertaining to the work. 

Rebekah Fernando -

Founder CFI Child  Sponsorship Program 

In the year 2000, Bishop Rowlands P. Kay, an associate with Christ for India's crusades, told the story of one grandmother coming to his house carrying a small child.  The grandmother could no longer care for the child, so she had the little girl lie down. After the child was asleep, she left, committing the child to this pastor's care. Rebekah asked him to send a picture of the child along with a brief history of her. A picture history was made, and Rebekah sent it with Enoch to one of his concerts. The child was sponsored in the concert and thus began the Christ for India Child Sponsorship program.


Rebekah Fernando was born on a farm in the tiny town of Hiram, Ohio.  She moved to California where she received her B.A. degree in Spanish Literature and Culture at the University of California in Irvine. Captivated by Enoch Fernando's piano music, she was thrilled to join him in his music ministry. She wrote all the songs on her CD, "Never Give Up" and was awarded New Artist of the Year by The Gospel Connection.  Her CD also earned her a voting membership into the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, (Grammys).

Advisory Board Member and Fundraiser UK

Singer Scott Dee is an amazing vocalist with a dynamic vocal range and powerful baritone. He was selected to sing for Engelbert at the Paris hotel in Vegas and has performed with leading orchestras worldwide. 

*You may also use the donate button below to pay for your child sponsorship in any amount

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