Name: Any Mayerli
Waiting for sponsorship: 35 days
Family income: $260.00
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Enjoys: Playing soccer, Playing basketball
Talents: Singing, Dancing
Emili, 22, Female
Sindy Elizabeth, 20, Female
Dallana Alejandra, 18, Female
Angel De Jesus, 10, Male
Lives with: Parents
Language: Spanish
School: Yes
Child ID #: 1048647



Walls: Concrete block
Roof: Corrugated metal
Floor: Tile
My bed: Wooden beds
Water source: Delivered by truck in barrel
Electricity: Regulated use

Any Mayerli

  • It takes ONE person (like you!) to make a huge difference in Any Mayerli's life. By sponsoring her, you're creating Team Any Mayerli and giving her a chance to break the cycle of poverty. Your $36 monthly gift is invested in her future and the lives of children like her in Guatemala.

  • Kids growing up in poverty in Guatemala face some of the toughest issues, such as a massive wealth gap, gang violence and high crime rates, difficulty staying in school, lack of jobs, chronic malnutrition and a high teen pregnancy rate.

    That's why we focus on providing educational assistance to stay in school, a wide range of programs in our centers to learn and grow in a safe environment, youth leadership opportunities, fundamental nutrition support and reproductive health programs.